3 Reasons to Join SkiBig3 Guided Adventures

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3 Reasons to Join SkiBig3 Guided Adventures

We’ve all been there… a resort you’ve never been to, lift ticket fresh off the printer, rentals in hand as you look up at the awe-inspiring mountain blanketed with a maze of lifts and runs. Where do you go first?

Reading a trail map can be a great guideline, but you may be left wondering which runs and resort areas are best for you.

New to the SkiBig3 program repertoire this year is our Guided Adventure Program. Blending the best turns of each resort with the history that made it all what it is today, this adventure is personalized for your group to take your mountain experience to the next level.

Here are three reasons you should visit our three resorts with the Guided Adventure Program.

1. Improve your mileage (and maybe your technique)

This isn’t just another ski lesson – in fact, it’s so much more. This program is designed for intermediate and advanced skiers and riders who want to get to know the whole mountain like the back of their mitts.

While our certified guides will give you coaching and tips to help through some of the rough patches, having a good foundation of experience and ability will ensure you get the most out of this program.

Our snow-pros will personalize your adventure for your individual tastes and abilities, from Relaxed Cruiser to Adventure Seeker and Thrill Hunter – there is a group for you. Whether you wake up feeling like you can conquer the mountain, or are wanting to mellow out and rest the knees from an ambitious first day back, they’ll find the best terrain and snow to make your experience unforgettable.

While snow-pros hit the slopes on skis, snowboarders are welcome to join the adventure. Technical coaching tips are centred around skiing, but SkiBig3 pros know how to navigate the mountain and find the good stuff for boarders too.

SkiBig3 Guid3d Adventure group at Banff Sunshine Village. Photo by Jillian Tester.
SkiBig3 Guid3d Adventure group at Banff Sunshine Village. Photo by Jillian Tester.

2. Feel like an authentically Canadian local

1 national park, 2 towns, 3 resorts. With the 3-day Guided Adventure program, you’ll see the best of Banff Sunshine, Lake Louise Ski Resort and Mt. Norquay in no time.

Have a hunch that a pow stash may be hidden just within that patch of trees? Wondering if that awesome-looking line is within your ability? Our guides can tell you if you’re on the right track, and redirect you if you’re not. No guesswork, no hassle.

Bring your mountain memories full circle by looking back on the memories of others. You’ll learn about the history of Banff and Lake Louise with our guides. They’re trained by a program offered through the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies (the grandfather of Banff National Park history).

To finish off your program, day three will deliver the quintessential Canadian experience – Maple Syrup Candy! At Mt. Norquay, qualified cooks will help guests boil maple sap down into a syrup, then solidify it in fresh snow, creating a traditional maple treat. It doesn’t get more Canadian than that!

Photo by Jillian Tester.
Photo by Jillian Tester.

3. Make the most of your time

With a combined area of almost 8,000 acres of skiable terrain, 356 runs, and 28 lifts, there’s a lot to cover. Our Guides will be your “ski-PS” (think GPS for skiers) and avoid all the delays, busy spots, and lift line ups throughout the day. But ultimately YOU are in the driver’s seat. They’ll take your input, determine where you’d like best, and plan the most efficient way to hit all the best stops.

And when you’ve finished your run, you can pop right back on a chair to keep your momentum. As a program participant you’ll enjoy lift line priority – no waiting while your fingers and toes cool down.

Travelling in a bigger party? Our guides will keep group inertia to a minimum, making this a great program for families, team building, social groups or weekend celebrations. They consider all abilities and group factors, taking all of the difficult decision-making out of the equation. Less discussion time means maximized ride time!

Photo by Jillian Tester.
Photo by Jillian Tester.

Plan Ahead

In order to be as flexible as possible when you book with us, SkiBig3 has implemented a No-Questions-Asked Cancellation Policy allowing for free itinerary changes and cancellations until 3-days prior to arrival. International border restrictions for travel to Canada are subject to change. For the latest updates please check Government of Canada – Border & Travel Information

Covid-19 safety protocols are ongoing and are subject to change based on updates from regional authorities. SkiBig3 is committed to keeping you informed about what to expect when travelling to Banff National Park.

Ready to get to know our SkiBig3 resorts for yourself? Call our Reservations Team today to learn more about our personalized Guided Adventure Program or combining it with a full ski & stay vacation package.