9 signs you should book your ski vacation early

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9 signs you should book your ski vacation early

Feel like a fence-sitter? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. You see, there are lots of people feeling like you – like they’re sitting on the fence – about a big, upcoming decision. Just like how you might be feeling about whether to book a ski vacation early bird deal or not. 

Are you wondering if it’s the right call? Is it too early? Are the discounts really that good? Can it all be cancelled if the world turns upside down…again?

Let us help you out. We’re not psychics or anything (that we know of) but here are some sure-fire signs something is telling you to book an Early Bird Ski Vacation.  

Signs a ski vacation early bird deal is for you

1) People call you thrifty

If you A) visit garage sales B) reuse tea bags or C) comb through Facebook Marketplace with pride, then you are the kind of thrifty that would appreciate a good ski vacation deal. After all, why buy anything full price? (Title of your future memoir)

If you’re a thrifty traveller, and deals are in your DNA, you’ll love the benefits of booking early. | Photo by Josh Segeleski at Lake Louise Ski Resort

2) You’re indecisive 

All of us are a little indecisive at times, but then there are some who really struggle at making decisions. Like the kind of people who buy something, then return it, only to buy it again. Does that sound like you?

If the answer is yes, don’t be ashamed. When it comes to booking a ski vacation early it’s okay to be indecisive and you won’t get penalized for it.

When you book a SkiBig3 pre-season deal you only put 5% down, itinerary changes are free, and there are no cancellation fees until 14 days before arrival. So basically, even if your travel plans aren’t crystal clear for next winter your conscience can be knowing that things aren’t set in stone. 

Have trouble choosing the next run? Hate making tough decisions? Booking early is ideal for you. | Photo at Lake Louise Ski Resort by Reuben Krabbe

3) You’ve got an Ikon Pass or a Mountain Collective pass

Got an Ikon Pass or Mountain Collective pass? You’re already ten steps ahead. Clearly, you’ve already figured out how to access up to 50+ ski destinations (Ikon Pass) and 24 resorts (Mountain Collective) worldwide with one incredibly priced piece of plastic. But did you also know those passes come with even more special access to early bird accommodation discounts in Banff and Lake Louise? If you’re an Ikon Pass or Mountain Collective pass holder, you can keep the deals rolling with up to 40% off lodging, if you book an Early Bird vacation

Unlock up to 40% off lodging in Banff and Lake Louise with your Ikon Pass or Mountain Collective pass. | Photo at Banff Sunshine

4) You’re a family with kids

Remember travelling when you were young? When you could fly peacefully, explore leisurely, and splurge at beautiful restaurants? You know, those days before you had little ones in tow?

What if we told you that you could still spend your hard-earned family vacation dollars on one-of-a-kind experiences and special restaurants? When you book your family winter vacation early with SkiBig3, kids ski and rent for free! That’s not a typo. Lift tickets and rentals for kids aged 12 and under are zero dollars when you book a 5-day or longer ski vacation, with at least one accompanying adult (also renting and requiring lift tickets for a minimum of 5 days).  

Book early and kiddos ski and rent for free. Yup, free. | Photo at Banff Sunshine By Reuben Krabbe

5) You’re dreaming of an extra special Christmas

You and your family deserve a super special blow-out Christmas like in years past. Booking early with SkiBig3 means that you get first dibs at the best accommodation in Banff and Lake Louise before it sells out during the peak period rush. It could mean the difference between a bigger room, a better suite, or a grander view rather than settling for what’s available at the last minute. You and your family deserve the best, and the best is easier (and cheaper) to find when you book early. 

Plan the big, blow-out Christmas you’ve been dreaming of since 2020. | Photo at Lake Louise Ski Resort by Jillian Tester

6) You think free food tastes better

Whoever said there’s no such thing as a free meal clearly never booked an early bird ski vacation. Our pre-season packages add all the perks – including complimentary breakfast at select lodging properties. When you book early, you can skip budgeting for breakfast – it’s already paid for.

7) You’ve never stayed at the Fairmont Banff Springs or Chateau Lake Louise

Arguably the most iconic Banff and Lake Louise experience is staying at one of the “Castles” of the Canadian Rockies – the Fairmont Banff Springs or the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. During peak periods, forget about finding a standard room in one of these incredible properties. They are so popular they get booked up fast! When you book early, however, long before the winter starts, there are plenty of rooms available at both Fairmont properties. How’s that for a way to tick this one off of your bucket list? 

Photo at Chateau Lake Louise, Photo by Banff Lake Louise Tourism

8) You’re still saving up for a vacation

Okay, we’ll admit it – winter is still a long way away. It’s understandable if you don’t have every last vacation dollar saved up just yet. Luckily, you don’t need to fill your savings account before you book your next ski vacation. When you book a SkiBig3 ski and stay package we only require 5% down at the time of booking, which will give you plenty of time to fill up the vacation (and apres) fund. 

You only need to put 5% down for a SkiBig3 ski vacation, don’t worry about having it all in the bank.

9) You prefer to talk to a human being

Technology is incredible. It’s brought us Uber Eats, #caturdays, and Wordle. Not to mention, researching and booking vacations online has never been easier. But, it’s also brought frustration for those who prefer to learn about a destination from someone who really lives there. For someone, like you, that wants to talk to a real person on the phone to book their ski holiday. At SkiBig3 we offer both options – booking online and booking with a real human being. Our lovely Vacation Specialists are happy to answer all of your questions. Just call 1-844-754-2443 or use the chat function on our website.

Meet the team behind the bookings. Our Vacation Specialists are real people who know Banff and Lake Louise better than anyone.

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