E-Bike Safety Tips

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E-Bike Safety Tips

So, you’ve decided to embark on an e-bike adventure? Before you start exploring with your e-bike, it is crucial to prioritize safety to ensure a smooth and secure riding experience. Take a look at these e-bike safety tips to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable ride around Banff National Park.

The SkiBig3 e-bike fleet are peddle assist. They have a small motor that powers on once you start pedalling. You’ll feel a ‘boost’ kick in and give you extra assistance. This will allow you to explore further distances and the uphill sections with less effort and still have energy for more adventures.

Two Cannondale e-bikes, one green and one black
Two e-bikes from the SkiBig3 Adventure Hub fleet, ready to be taken on an adventure around Banff National Park | Photo by Nick Hase

Where can I ride my e-bike?

Within the Banff National Park, select paved pathways, including the Legacy Trail, and all public roads allow e-bikes. E-bikes are not allowed on walking pathways, off-road, or trails. When riding your bike please be respectful and follow the rules of the road. Not following these rules could leave you with an unwanted bylaw ticket, or cause injury to yourself or a fellow park visitor. If you find yourself on a pathway or trail, hop off your bike and walk it back to the nearest road. Always be aware of your surroundings, put your phone away, and take your headphones out. Look out for other pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles, and always give wildlife plenty of space.

If you’re looking for routes to ride your e-bike, check out our favourite e-bike routes.

Infographic explaining where to ride your e-bike

E-Bike Safety Tips

E-bikes are much heavier than traditional bicycles and have a very different weight distribution. Make sure to stay balanced at all times and be prepared to put both feet on the ground when coming to a stop. The additional power of the e-bike can initially take you by surprise. Start slow and build your skills up on a flat and quiet side street before heading too far. Similar to when riding a regular bike, slow and steady breaking is important. Always use both brakes and never use only your front brake. Otherwise, you risk falling or flying over the handlebars. Always wear a helmet, it is the law.

Infographic outlining e-bike safety tips

Following these essential safety tips will allow you to enjoy the excitement and ease that e-bikes and the Banff National Park have to offer. So pop your helmet on, grab your e-bike, and get ready for an awesome day of exploring. Happy riding!

Two people standing outside the SkiBig3 Adventure Hub with e-bikes
Excited and ready to go on their e-biking adventure with SkiBig3 Adventure Hub rentals | Photo by Nick Hase

Ready to explore Banff National Park by e-bike? Stop by the SkiBig3 Adventure Hub and talk to our specialists to get you started. From rentals to safety tips and maps, they have everything you need to e-bike around Banff this summer. Or, reserve your e-bike online to avoid disappointment and ensure your model of choice is available during your visit to Banff National Park.