Where to Get Your Caesar Fix

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Where to Get Your Caesar Fix

This classic Canadian cocktail has quite the reputation – you either love ‘em or you hate ‘em. But like it or not, it’s a bigger national icon than maple syrup or Bieber, and is said to have healing properties of both hangover cure goodness and increased levels of apres ski stoke.

Cocktails at Earl's Kitchen + Bar in Banff, Banff National Park.
Photo courtesy of Earl’s Kitchen + Bar.

One thing’s for sure, if you’ve never tried this delicious (yet palate-acquired) concoction, it’s definitely worth a shot – it might be love at first taste! Think of it as an upgraded Bloody Mary.

Since the drink was invented right in neighbouring Calgary in 1969, Banff is bound to do a pretty good job or getting this unique recipe right.

Here are a few of our favourites spots in Banff National Park to get this delicious cocktail.


Magpie & Stump

Typically made with vodka or gin, the Magpie & Stump’s Spicy Sanchez Caesar adds a little twist – starting with tequila! This cocktail features a mix of horseradish and pickle juice, topped with a spicy bean. Pair with a few tacos and you’ll be recovered from a night out or a day on the slopes in no time.

Drinks at Magpie & Stump in Banff, Banff National Park.
Photo courtesy of Magpie & Stump Banff.



There’s something pretty amazing about Earl’s Signature Caesars – they add a little flair without compromising the classic elements. Smirnoff vodka and Clamato set the base, followed by a mixing with the Earl’s secret spice blend.

Spicy Sanchez Caesar at Earl's Kitchen + Bar, Banff National Park.
Photo courtesy of Earl’s Kitchen + Bar.


Nourish Bistro

It’s hard to put the Caesar King hand-crafted specialties into words, it’s unique every time. Nourish Bistro’s “Caesar Kings” know how to really make this cocktail nice from garnish to spice, with no shortage of house-made pickles and dried veg, and a chili cayenne dusted lime.

Caesar King at Nourish Bistro in Banff, Banff National Park.
Photo courtesy of Nourish Bistro.

The Bear Street Tavern

You’ll want to save the best for last – in this case the garnish! Smoked bison wrapped bocconcini is the perfect way to top off this drink. The house-made rim and pickle juice go down nice and easy too, particularly after any of the Tavern’s fresh and mouthwatering pizzas!

Caesars at the Bison Restaurant & Terrace in Banff, Banff National Park.
Photo courtesy of The Bison Restaurant & Terrace.


Mad Trapper’s

Historic setting established in 1928, slopes at the front door, and a great atmosphere inside and out. The only thing to complete this perfection is (of course) a Caesar! Make Mad Trapper’s a refuel stop on any day skiing or riding at Banff Sunshine Village to get the truly well-rounded Canadian experience.

Caesars at Mad Trapper’s at Banff Sunshine Village, Banff National Park..
Photo by Mike Seehagel, Banff Sunshine Village.


Powder Keg Lounge

Wyborawa vodka’s spicy hot finish is a simple but noticeable ingredient in the Ski Louise Caesar. Enjoy one from the oversized leather couches of the Powder Keg lounge, or order the same cocktail next to the fire pit at the Kokanee Kabin patio on warmer skiing days!

Ski Louise Caesar at the Powder Keg lounge at Lake Louise Ski Resort, Banff National Park.
Photo by Alexa Hohenberg.


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