How to stay warm when skiing or snowboarding in cold conditions

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How to stay warm when skiing or snowboarding in cold conditions

Winter is well underway at SkiBig3 in the Canadian Rockies. While Canada is well known for its snowy landscapes, you can also experience sub-zero temperatures. Throughout the winter, while the Rocky Mountains receive lots of lovely fairy dust (fresh snow), the weather conditions can fluctuate and can sometimes dip to -30 degrees Celsius. However, this shouldn’t stop you from having snowy adventures at the three resorts: Banff Sunshine, Lake Louise Ski Resort, or Mt. Norquay. If you’re heading up to the mountains on a cold day, here are some tips to help you stay warm when skiing or snowboarding in cold conditions.

Tips on how to stay warm when skiing or snowboarding in cold conditions:

1. Layer up

Layering up properly to stay warm when skiing or snowboarding at Lake Louise Ski Resort
Layering correctly is key to having a fun day in the snow so you can enjoy fresh turns like Eric Lee O’Brien above at Lake Louise Ski Resort | Photo by Dan Evans

It’s important to layer up properly to help you stay warm in the cold and dry conditions of the Rocky Mountains. To do so, start by wearing a moisture-wicking base layer to keep sweat away from your skin and prevent you from cooling down. Then, add an insulating layer on top to trap the heat in and keep your body warm. Finally, wear a windproof, waterproof and insulating layer to protect you against the elements. Don’t forget to also wear the right accessories, such as hand warmers, and merino wool socks (or heated socks) to keep your hands and toes warm. Plus, add a balaclava underneath your helmet to protect your ears and face. If you’ve forgotten to bring any of these items, don’t worry, as there are plenty of options available at the SkiBig3 Adventure Hub.

2. Stay hydrated

Staying warm when skiing at The coco lab at Banff Sunshine
Warm-up and re-hydrate with a tasty hot chocolate at Banff Sunshine’s The Coco Lab | Photo by Dan Evans

While drinking water may not be your first choice when you start to de-frost, staying hydrated helps to make sure your core temperature doesn’t drop. Drinking lukewarm water or non-caffeinated hot drinks like hot chocolate or decaffeinated teas, can be a more enjoyable way to soak up those liquids. Remember to stop for lots of bathroom breaks too! Holding on to that extra “liquid” can take up extra energy from your body.

3. Fuel up with some warm food

Warming up after skiing or snowboarding in cold temperatures with ramen at Nikko Ramen Banff Sunshine
Enjoy a delicious bowl of ramen and defrost in Nikko Ramen at Banff Sunshine or Kuma Yama at Lake Louise Ski Resort | Photo by Dan Evans

Winter is all about drinking warm drinks and eating cosy food. So treat yourself to some delicious dishes that will make you feel warm and cosy no time. Ramen and warming chillis are perfect options to choose after skiing or snowboarding in cold conditions. There is plenty to choose from at the resorts too. Dive into Nikko Ramen at Banff Sunshine or Kuma Yama at Lake Louise Ski Resort for a ramen filled with flavour. Or, jump into the Lone Pine Lodge at Mt. Norquay and taste their heart-warming chilli. 

4. Take a warm-up break

Staying warm at Mt Norquay in the Lone Pine Lodge
Warming up after a fun day on the slope in the Lone Pine Lodge at Mt. Norquay | Photo by Reuben Krabbe

Take a break from the elements and choose to ride the gondola up to your next run at Lake Louise Ski Resort, or head up the heated chairlift, Teepee Town Chair at Banff Sunshine to help you warm yourself back up before the next run. You can also pop into the lodges or warming tents at the resorts. The warming tents can be found at Banff Sunshine in the village near the top of the gondola or at Goat’s Eye mid-station. At Lake Louise, you can pop into the Lodge of Ten Peak or Temple Lodge. If you’re at Mt. Norquay, take a break in the Lone Pine Lodge.

5. Use your vehicle as a warming hut

Warming up in the back of the car after a day at Lake Lousie Ski Resort
Using the car as a warm-up hut filled with essentials like hot chocolate and a snack | Photo of Tori Anderson by Nic Groulx at Lake Louise Ski Resort.

If you’re driving up to the mountain, make sure to pack some essentials in your car ready to warm you back up after a day on the slopes. Your car works as the perfect warming hut to keep you warm and cosy. Make sure to pack extra blankets, a fresh pair of warm socks, additional gloves, and a thermos filled with hot chocolate. This way, you’ll have everything you need to warm up as soon as you get back in your car.

6. Take frequent breaks and ski shorter days

Banff Sunshine Great Divide
Arriving at the resorts later in the day can help you to experience warmer temperatures and enjoy every run | Photo by Nick Hase

If you arrive at the resort later in the day, you can avoid the chilly mornings and enjoy the warmer afternoon temperatures. To make the most of your day, take frequent breaks and consider going for a few hours instead of a full day. This will help you stay warm and energised for the rest of your adventurous day.

Stay warm when skiing or snowboarding in cold conditions

Are you ready to hit the slopes and have an unforgettable day on the mountains? Don’t forget to gear up appropriately, plan ahead, and approach the chilly weather with a positive attitude! With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to conquer the cold temperatures and make some incredible memories. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Ski and Stay package today and book with confidence. SkiBig3 offers a flexible and hassle-free cancellation policy, allowing you to make itinerary changes and receive a full refund up to 14 days before your travel date.