Lifts of Love: Speed Dating Mountain Style

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Lifts of Love: Speed Dating Mountain Style

For singles, Valentine’s Day can be a little awkward to say the least.  It’s a holiday that allows your coupled friends and family with plans to literally celebrate not being in your predicament.  While most singles don’t really care – insert a diatribe about the holiday’s meaninglessness here – it would sting a lot less if plans were in play: something single-friendly on February 14th to take the awkward out of being dateless. In the Bow Valley, the answer may well be Lifts of Love, a unique speed dating event held at Mount Norquay on the evening of the 14th.

The event is brainchild of Heather Hendrie, a vivacious 30-something working for the City of Calgary, who was herself inspired in a lift line.  “The whole thing started as a joke really,” explains Heather.  Having just relocated to Canmore, she was brainstorming ideas for a speed dating event in the area while skiing at Sunshine Village with a friend, co-organizer Jeff Siddle. “We were talking about it while in the singles line and it was like, ‘Obvi. This is what we should do.’ ”

The concept appealed to her on numerous levels. “I grew up at a small ski hill where there was no singles line.  You just throw up your pole and yell, ‘single’.  I wish I could walk through life like that. Do that in the bar?,” she laughs imagining it.  But on a more practical front, she and Riddle agree that they are looking for a partner who can ski but the reality is, “you can put that in your profile but you may not necessarily ski.”  This way Heather can see a potential dates skiing ability in action and test the waters for a spark face-to-face.


She pitched the idea to Mount Norquay.  They loved it and now it’s running for its third consecutive year.

The event is simple: buy a ticket and upon arrival receive a necklace that identifies you as either ‘seeking him’ or ‘seeking her’ then head to the lift and get in the corresponding line.  An usher of sorts will pair people up and perhaps feed you a conversation starter, giving you the chair ride up to chat and make a connection.  The idea is you meet someone new on each chair ride and you already have a love for skiing in common.  If you can’t make a connection during the ride up the Cascade Chair, an Après Ski Mixer in The Lone Pine with a few mixer party games and a live DJ gives you a second chance to find someone intriguing or hit the dance floor with your posse of single pals.

“All the interactions tend to be quite flirtatious.  There is a lot of trust because a lot of people live in the Bow Valley,” plugs Heather, who plans to get some laps in on the speed dating chair herself. “If you are single, you should be there.”

With an invite from ‘Hot Heather’ herself, who wouldn’t want to try Lifts of Love?

If you are paired up and looking for a more traditional Valentine’s Day experience, Lake Louise Ski Resort is hosting a Valentine’s Day Torchlight Dinner and Ski which allows you to stay on the hill for dinner, drinks and a late night escorted run down a freshly groomed slope. Or, book an overnight stay at the Sunshine Mountain Lodge for their Stay, ski, strawberries and Prosecco package.  Romance in the Rockies is not just limited to Valentine’s Day – join us anytime for a little extra love.

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