Sculpted in Time: Official Trailer Released

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Sculpted in Time: Official Trailer Released

New Film Series by Sherpas Cinema

Acclaimed filmmakers Sherpas Cinema, recognized for award-winning ski reels Into the Mind and All.I.Can, have created four dramatic short films capturing the deep spirit of skiing straight from the heart of the Canadian Rockies.

The series, entitled Sculpted in Time reveals a new dimension to the significance of ski culture in Banff and Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada —depicted in spectacular high-definition footage. The trailer for the series can now be viewed online, with each of the four films set to release in sequence weekly from September 29.

Artistically written and infused with signature Sherpas aesthetics, the four films deliver jaw-dropping visuals and non-stop cinematic wonder, often from well above some of the most alluring mountain peaks in the Canadian Rockies. Viewers are guaranteed to be left inspired by this unprecedented expose of skiing in Banff National Park.

The homegrown appeal of the Sherpas team made the studio a natural choice as filmmaker to capture the essence of the intimate stories behind a landscape where nature rules. The film crew, with deep personal connections to the area provided exactly the right touch for an authentic Made in Canada perspective on skiing in Canada’s first National Park.

“To have the opportunity to complete a project like this in the Canadian Rockies was a dream come true for us”, says Malcolm Sangster, Sherpas Cinema. “The Sherpas founders, including myself, Dave Mossop and Eric Crosland, all grew up together in Calgary and it was these very hills where we cut our teeth – both as skiers and filmmakers. The peaks of Banff National Park have truly had an everlasting positive impact on our personal lives and careers, their beauty and grandeur instills a sense of awe, humbleness and respect in everyone that lays eyes on them.”