First Sherpas Cinema Film Released: The Wise Man

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First Sherpas Cinema Film Released: The Wise Man

The Wise Man

Released on Monday, September 29, The Wise Man is the first of a series of four short films showcasing Banff National Park.  Entitled Sculpted in Time, the series captures the deep spirit of skiing in the park’s three ski resorts of Mt. Norquay, the Lake Louise Ski Resort and Sunshine Village, as well as presenting a deep dive into Banff National Park backcountry.

If the mountains could talk, what would they say?

Eddie Hunter, a Banff local legend, shares his personal connection with Banff National Park and Mt. Norquay in The Wise Man.  Born in 1926, the same year that Mt. Norquay was established, Eddie Hunter has been skiing Banff’s first ski resort for over 80 years.

Michelle Ferguson, from The Crag & Canyon, recently sat down with Eddie to talk about the film.

So you grew up skiing on that hill, how has it changed over the years?

The mountain is the same. It hasn’t changed at all. You go up it in a different manner than we used to. When I started there were no lifts. There wasn’t anything, not even a rope tow. So when you went up skiing you climbed. And that was for quite a while. It wasn’t groomed. You could say it was untouched, which was great. But if we had a race, we’d have to climb up at least an hour for a two- or three-minute run.

Wow, that seems like a lot of work for something so fleeting.

It would appear that way now to anyone looking at it. They’d have the look on their face that you have — you don’t believe me that anyone would climb a mountain for an hour-and-a-half to ski down for two or three minutes.

Mt. Norquay has certainly come a long way since those early days.  Follow Eddie’s story as he shares the impact the mountains have had in his life and which he proudly passes onto his children and grandchildren.

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Watch the preview for the second film in the series, The Character due to be released on Monday, October 6thThe Artist and The Innovator will be released on October 13th and October 20th respectively.